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K-Lite Codec Pack

Developer Codec Guide

K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of audio/video codecs and tools for Windows Media Player / Media Center, ZoomPlayer ...

Xiph.Org Open Codecs

Developer Xiph.org

Xiph.Org Open Codecs - most complete implementation of the Xiph.org codecs for Windows and DirectShow. This includes decoders and ...

Vista Codec Package

Developer Shark007

The codec packs contains a Settings Application to use in conjunction with your windows media center setup which will enable a user to choose ...

ACE Mega CoDecS Pack

Developer ACE DESIGN Software

ACE Mega CoDecS Pack Professional Edition contains all the known video and audio codecs and a lot of ...

Shark007 Standard Codecs

Developer Shark007

Shark007 Standard Codecs for Windows 7, 8, and 10 allows you to play various audio and video formats (including MKV) ...

K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool

Developer Codec Guide

K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool is a free comprehensive toolkit that offers you a large selection of utilities designed to help ...

Avid Codecs LE

Developer Avid Technology, Inc.

Avid Codecs LE is a pack of codecs for the QuickTime player. It allows you to play, encode and decode QuickTime movies on your ...


Developer StarCodec

StarCodec is a Codec Pack, an installation program to install codecs for playing a movie and music and is distributed free of charge. ...

Ogg Codecs

Developer Xiph.org

Ogg Codecs is a set of encoders and deocoders for Ogg Vorbis, Speex, Theora and FLAC. Once installed you will be able to play ...

Matrox VFW Software Codecs

Developer matrox

The Matrox Video for Windows (VFW) software codecs let you render and play back Matrox .avi files in your VFW ...


Developer K-Lite Software

K-Lite software offers a complete bundle of video and audio codecs. In addition, it also provides tools ...

Video Codecs

Developer March Networks Corporation.

March Networks codecs and players enable third-party organizations, such as police and the judiciary, to quickly review ...

Shark007 Advanced Codecs x64 Components

Developer Shark007

Shark007 Advanced Codecs provides a collection of codecs for Windows users. The program features: full color thumbnails including ...

Indeo® XP

Developer Ligos Corporation

Ligos® Corporation’s Indeo Software® codec family provides video and audio codecs that help multimedia producers and web developers create ...

SoftLab-Nsk VFW Software Codecs 64 bit

Developer SoftLab-NSK

copression/decompressiAll the codecs work in the Video For Windows subsystem under the Windows OS. The quality of copression/decompressi process ...

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